What is a micro-green?

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESMost people have heard of Alfalfa Sprouts or Mung Bean Sprouts; Micro-greens are the next phase of growth after the sprout. A micro-green has started to form roots and grown its first set of leaves. At this phase of growth the micro-green is taking on the nutrition properties of the vegetable it is starting to grow into but highly concentrated. Micro-greens have 5-40 times more nutrition than the vegetable it grows into according to USDA studies. On average a micro-green serving the size of a quarter provided about 2 servings of vegetables nutrition.

You can eat micro-greens raw and they have a large variety of flavors. I like to compare our Micro-green tastings to wine tastings. Flavors range from mild to strong; crisp to spicy; and vary greatly due to your own personal taste preferences. Then there’s the fun in finding out if you are one of the few people with genetics that make you taste burnt tires when you eat arugula or nasty soap when you eat cilantro!

The best way to eat micro-greens is part of a recipe or mixed in with other ingredients. The easiest is to place a quarter size bunch of micro-greens on top of any sandwich, salad, or soup. Micro-greens can be stirred into smoothies, juices, or yogurts. A great way to make them more fun to eat is add them to dips, salsas, or sauces. Micro-greens are the perfect garnish on casseroles, quiche, omelets, or any dinner plate. My husband loves them inside grilled cheese, burgers or sausage bun.

In this blog we will share a ton of recipes, nutrition information, and growing / buying tips for you. We would love to hear what you have to say about your journey with Micro-greens too.